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Why choose Mountain Medical Centre?

Why choose Mountain Medical Centre?

Mountain Medical Centre, 2/44 Southport Avenue, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272.
With so many Medical Centres in the area to choose from – the actual choice can be mind stretching for both yourself as well as each individual member of your family.
It is important to take note of what each Medical Centre offers. Then you can compare your personal needs with what each of them proposes.
The benefits of careful study before you make your final choice will prove its value. It is important to be able to relate to your Doctor and the services that they offer.
At Mountain Medical Centre, our experienced medical practitioners have committed their focus to ongoing, holistic nurturing to give their ultimate support to all our patients both those who have been coming a while, as well as to those who are new to us.

Bulk billing

Our Australian government contributes to the health of the nation by covering all costs to professionals in the health system providing their patients have a valid Medicare card.  
This government plan is known as bulk billing.
At Mountain Medical Centre bulk billing is readily available for everyone who carries this card.  

Mental health services

Mental health is experienced by most people at some time in their lives. Australian statistics suggest that this figure pertains to almost half of our population, therefore you are not on your own.  
At this critical time in your life you need professional support, which we offer at Mountain Medical Centre. No matter what age mental illness hinders your personal growth, our professionals are always there to support you; to bring a level of hope back to you and keep you on the path to wellness.

Women’s health services

Mountain Medical Centre considers the importance of health for women of any age.  Pap smears, sexually transmitted disease testing and vaginal thrush are amongst the most common causes of health compromises.  
Other diagnoses include period irregularities, menopause, female sexual problems caused both physically as well as emotionally, endometriosis, menstruation problems, as well as for those who suffer incontinence.
Our medical professionals are there to help you, while making you feel comfortable discussing any issue you are experiencing.

Men’s health services

Mountain Medical Centre is equally concerned with men’s health.
Regular check-ups and prostate examinations top our list of priorities.  However, we are also able to detect, remedy and give curative advice and treatment for other male health problems such as erectile dysfunction, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS as well as a receding hairline and thinning on the crown, the beginning stages of male pattern baldness.

Skin cancer checks

We get lots of sun living here on the Gold Coast.  Getting lots of sun puts each of us at considerable risk of skin cancer. Spending your time indoors does not necessarily lower the risk of you being exposed to the effects of exposure to sun, a fact that is unknown to many.
Mountain Medical Centre has an onsite skin cancer clinic which is available to detect early signs of problems related to your skin.
Small lesions can fast become out of control if not kept under the microscope. Regular checks should and can be maintained at Mountain Medical Centre.
To protect you and your family in all areas of health issues, we would recommend Mountain Medical as THE medical centre here in Eagle Heights on Tamborine Mountain.

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