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Change Your Lifestyle, Improve Your Cholesterol Part 1

One of the worries of a busy lifestyle is the risk of high cholesterol.

When we are busy we tend to not eat, sleep or exercise properly, which puts us at risk of high cholesterol. This also puts you at risk of developing heart disease.
There are various options available including taking medication and it is always best to come in and talk with our Doctors to see how best to manage and lower high cholesterol.

You should also consider a change in lifestyle to see if that might improve the risks involved.

No matter what you decide to do, our bodies suffer ….
….it all starts with what we put in our mouths. Our minds think and react, and usually that thought results in eating or drinking something or too much!
Foods that are healthy for your heart should be a great mind-changing tool. If only we could educate our minds first before we eat.
What Are Saturated Fats?
LDL is Lipoprotein cholesterol. LDL is “bad” cholesterol. This type of fat can be found in red meat and dairy products that are labelled full-fat.
What Are Trans Fats?
Again we are looking at LDL – “bad” cholesterol. Found mostly in vegetable oil that is only partially hydrogenated and if you don’t know what I am talking about here, then let me explain further….. When hydrogen is added to a liquid oil, this is a chemical process that turns the oil into something of a solid nature. Partially hydrogenated fat molecules are known to have trans fats, which when consumed, could be the worst type of fat that you could take into your body.
Trans fats are also found in food that is brought from the shop. You know, those yummy things like cakes, crackers, cookies and margarine and other processed foods.
Fortunately for us there is a push to have partially hydrogenated vegetable oil withdrawn from the market by 2021.
What is an Omega-3 Fatty Acids?
Eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids positively contribute to reducing blood pressure and managing heart disease. Found in foods such as flaxseeds, walnuts, herrings, mackerel, and salmon.
What is Soluble Fibre?
When taken into our systems, soluble fibre is great for reducing the ingestion of cholesterol into our bloodstreams. Soluble Fibre can be found in pears, apples, brussels sprouts, kidney beans and oatmeal.
What is Whey Protein?
Whey protein when used as a supplement has been found to reduce blood pressure as well as lower LDL cholesterol. This is found in dairy products.
If you are at all concerned with your cholesterol, heart health and related diseases, then make an appointment to see our General Practitioners Mountain Medical Centre in Eagle Heights. We are there to help you in any way that you need.

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